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Brought to you by RNO1, where your hosts Michael Gaizutis & Emery Bishop deep-dive, discuss and interview wavemakers in the rapidly evolving Web3 space. Featuring some of the most influential Founders, Companies, Creators, Investors, Accelerators, Experts and Influencers!

Meet your Hosts

Michael Gaizutis

Michael Gaizutis

Michael is Head Wavemaker at RNO1, an Experience Design & Growth Agency for Tech & Web3 Brands of the Future. There, he aligns with Founders & Marketing Teams of Web2/Web3 companies working to radically differentiate and dominate in a sea of the same. Companies he has helped scale include: Airbnb, Microsoft, Interos, EOS Network Foundation, Shift Markets, and more. Outside of RNO1, Michael is the Creator/Host of Web3 Waves™️, Startup Advisor, Early-VC Investor and Crypto Enthusiast.

Emery Bishop

Emery Bishop

Emery is Head of Growth at RNO1, an Experience Design & Growth Agency for Tech & Web3 Brands of the Future. He's a serial entrepreneur, web3 investor, and a futurist with a deep background and passion for blockchain technology, design, digital marketing and problem solving. He is a Chief Rebel & Explorer in a lifelong pursuit to embody wisdom, integrity and love. Along with his partners, he looks to help build a future that is ever more productive and humane. He also Co-Hosts the Web3 Waves™️ Podcast with Michael.

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