#10 Exploring the VC Landscape of Web3 w/ Nelli Orlova

Nov 4, 2022

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our special guest, Nelli Orlova. Nelli is founder of InnMind (the leading European platform for web3 startups and VC deals). She is also a VC Investor in early stage web3 & crypto startups - Partner at InnMind Capital.

Since co-founding InnMind.com in 2015, Nelli has worked with hundreds of startup teams, consulted and helped them to improve the business model and present their projects to investors.

Numbers say more than words: today InnMind is the largest community of tech startups in Europe with over 26,000 qualified tech startups and 800+ VC, angel and CVC investors.

In this episode, Nelli provides InnMind's take on web3 startups when it comes to investing and what VCs are looking out for in this space.

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • How InnMind is making waves in the web3 VC scene.
  • Differences b/w VC investing in web2 vs web3 space.
  • Why invest in web3 over web2.
  • Are investors looking for real utility in web3 OR to make a quick buck.
  • What type of web3 startups investors are really looking for.
  • Nelli's outlook on web3 traction moving into 2023
  • Future of community driven VCs
  • Geographic dynamics of web3 startups

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