#11 A legend in Music and Wavemaker in Web3 w/ Scott Page

Nov 11, 2022

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our special guest, Scott Page. Scott Page is a musician, technologist, entrepreneur. He is widely recognized in rock circles as the saxophonist/guitarist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto.

Scott is an active participant in the Web3 ecosystem. A blockchain evangelist, he is also involved in crypto ventures including FutureShape360, ThinkNFT, Opus Labs, and is an active speaker in the space, often describing a world beneficially influenced by decentralized technology that drives the power back to the people.

He continues to invest, speak at web3 events and conferences, and embrace new technologies, all the while giving back to the communities he entertains. He joins us to discuss his upcoming RockMoney Collection™ tour, celebrating the intersection of art and blockchain technology. A distinguished musician, Page also continues to record and play live performances.

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • Scott's journey from being a legend in Rock music to early tech and now web3.
  • What fascinated Scott to jump into web3.
  • Evolution of tech startups since the early days.
  • True Power of NFTs.
  • Scott's web3 project - Think:EXP NFTs.
  • Scott's advice for young and budding artists to make waves in web3.
  • Importance of both sides of the coin when it comes to web3.

🔗 Guest Links:

  • Be sure to follow Scott on Twitter & Instagram!
  • Be sure to check out Scott's latest web3 project:
    Think:EXP NFTs | Collections of never before seen, unique classic rock pop culture artifacts, offer a backstage and beyond glimpse into the lives of rock’s greatest musicians, artists, and performers. Featuring collaborative elements from widely renowned contemporary artists, each collection exhibits a distinct style while celebrating the reveal of these dynamic moments from rock history.

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