#12 Achieving True Decentralization w/ Samy Fodil

Nov 22, 2022

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our brilliant guest - Samy Fodil. Samy is a serial tech entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Taubyte. He started coding when he was 10, fostering his love for computers and software since!

Samy holds an engineering degree in computer science and a PhD in computer systems and networks. Samy founded Taubyte to reinvent the Cloud into an enabler of true distributed web.

Taubyte is an 'uber service' for software at the Edge. Through their Smart Computing Platform, they provide abstractions (the drivers) and on-demand computing resources (the cars) allocation, eliminating infrastructure investment and considerably reducing cost of ownership.

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • What web3 is and what it isn't?
  • What is true decentralization?
  • Decentralization from 3 distinct perspectives.
  • How to position web3 in the sea of uncertainty.
  • What is Taubyte & How is it making waves in web3?
  • Achieving true decentralization.
  • Samy's origin story.
  • What people miss when looking at web3 during turmoil.
  • On the bright future of web3

🔗 Guest Links:

  • Be sure to follow Samy on LinkedIn!
  • Be sure to check out Taubyte to learn more!

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