#13 Augmented Intelligence & Web3 w/ Johannes Castner

Dec 3, 2022

👶🏼 ⚠️ You may hear some cute baby sounds in this episode.

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our brilliant guest - Johannes Castner. Johannes is a data scientist, data engineer and AI practitioner with expertise in modern (scalable) deep learning, data pipelines, knowledge graphs and reasoning systems. 

He has a broad background in Anthropology, Economics and Computational Social Science and I'm keen to apply my skills to societally relevant problems.

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • Johannes' fascinating origin story.
  • Artificial Intelligence OR Augmented Intelligence.
  • Advancements and potential applications of AI and Machine Learning.
  • Potential of AI/ML to influence blockchain technology.
  • Cross sections of AI and web3.
  • Can AI be decentralized? (hint: decentralize the data!)
  • Johannes' exclusive AI learning course.

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