#14 Making Web3 More Accessible w/ Grant Powell

Dec 12, 2022

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our brilliant guest - Grant Powell. Grant Powell is the Founder of Curios, professional numismatist, and an ex-Googler. 

An expert in developing some of the most innovative technologies and digital products, some of Grant's highlights include the first-ever live streaming platform for YouTube (for concerts such as U2, Alicia Keys, Coachella) and the first-ever application to integrate with Spotify's web API for matching people based on their similar tastes in music. Grant is knowledgeable in a wide range of programming languages as well as being an expert in design and artistic direction.

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • How Curios is breaking barriers to bridge Web2 & Web3!
  • Flipping the switch of Web3 being technological first and user experience second.
  • How far are we from mass adoption for web3?! (hint: very close!)
  • Forward looking applications of NFTs besides Digital Art.
  • One of the overlooked pain-points in onboarding new users to Web3.
  • Importance of vernacular in mass adoption of web3
  • How Curios prioritizes products/features in their pipeline.
  • Evolution of needed tools for web3 usability.
  • Case Study: Curios powers Tory Lanez to sell his music directly to his customers with zero friction
  • Grant's golden advice to budding Web3 founders!

🔗 Guest Links:

  • Be sure to connect with Grant on LinkedIn, as well as on Twitter
  • Check out how Curios is making waves in web3!

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