#17 Scaling Design for Web3 w/ Chris Berry & Anthony Kalasunas

Jan 4, 2023

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with two brilliant guests - Chris Berry, Co-Founder, Managing Director at Party Hat, Co-founder of TopX, VP-Growth at Koncepted and Anthony Kalasunas, Co-owner & Managing Director at Prime Planet and Account Executive at Koncepted.

Chris previously worked as a Product Manager at Bucksy and Founder of Bitcomex. After dropping out of university to pursue a startup in 2014, Chris spent several years building companies, both large and small, with some successes and some failures. He is a serial entrepreneur who over the past 7 years has scaled multiple companies to 7-8 figures in EBITA, all with small bootstrapped teams. Over time, he became more fascinated with building brands, smart technologies and bridging the gap between media and product. Today, he is currently working with a talented team on a new company called Partyhat; serving as a co-founder and managing director. They are an incubation group that builds brands and partners them with talent. He consults for a variety of international brands and is also writing a book on the psychology of long term MMORPG(Massively multiplayer online game) gameplay endurance and its effects on entrepreneurship, to be published in coming months.

Anthony started in the crypto space in 2013. Having owned and operated several businesses, he has a deep background in management and business relations, both in the hospitality and blockchain industries. He bought his first NFT in mid-2021 and has been fascinated with Web3 ever since. Aside from Prime Planet, he is currently with Koncepted: a design company who specializes in Web3 related content.

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • Story of Koncepted and Partyhat.
  • Forming a startup as a creative.
  • Startup studio focusing on Web3 design.
  • Bridge between gaming and Web3
  • Keeping up with design trends.
  • Design at scale for Web3.
  • Scaling in diverse, high risk industries.
  • Arts business expanding with NFTs.
  • Growing a team and allocating talent.

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