#5 Web3 Game Economies w/ Neeraj Kashyap

Sep 16, 2022

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our special guest, Neeraj Kashyap (CEO & Founder of Moonstream) to uncover key differentiating factors involved in an on-going evolution of gaming in web3!

Neeraj Kashyap is a mathematician and holds a Ph.D. in Number Theory from Indiana University. Spent his late twenties in Japan, using mathematics and Machine Learning to build algorithms to diagnose Parkinson’s disease and other similar disorders. This work made him realize the importance of building large-scale knowledge graphs, and he moved to Silicon Valley to focus on this work. He has worked at Google on TensorFlow and has built knowledge graphs that are being used actively by major US healthcare organizations.

Neeraj has been a blockhead since 2015, with a focus on building software to connect blockchains to centralized services as well as to other blockchains.

Moonstream is a software company that helps build, scale, and monitor web3 games providing tools to add on-chain game mechanics. You can use Moonstream’s technical blockchain infrastructure to add on-chain game mechanics. Moonstream DAO makes tools that help you build, scale, and monitor your blockchain economy. Learn more at moonstream.to

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • How Moonstream is revolutionizing blockchain gaming with over $4B transaction volume under their belt.
  • Blockchain vs traditional games.
  • Blockchain gaming engine and decentralized economies.
  • Gaming culture - web2 vs web3.
  • Effects of culture on web3 gaming adoption.
  • User experience in web3 games.
  • Impact of guilds on in-game web3 economies.
  • How exactly Moonstream works.
  • Crypto winter effects on Web3 gaming.
  • Importance of Ethereum over other blockchains for web3 gaming.

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