#8 Revisiting the Foundation of Blockchain w/ Andrew Brick

Oct 14, 2022

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our special guest, Andrew Brick. Andrew got started in the Blockchain and Crypto space over 10 years ago, prior to earning his Master's in Electrical Engineering. Since then, he has worked on cybersecurity and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) with companies of all sizes and at all levels of the stack.

Some examples of Andrew's work include:

  • Architecting an airline miles securities exchange for the NASDAQ
  • Developing Web3 solutions for energy credits and ESG markets
  • Building a peer-to-peer product exchange for the developing world, and more. 

Along with his cofounder at Notoros.io, Andrew is now focused on closing the zero trust gaps for institutions across all industries in both the public and private sectors.

In this episode, Andrew helps us understand current traction in the metaverse space, and how users are paving the way for mass adoption.

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • Andrew's background in web3 and energy industry.
  • True meaning of 'Zero Trust' at Notoros.
  • How Notoros is making waves in Web3.
  • Leveraging 'Zero Trust' for consumer level applications.
  • Unlocking brand new business models from blockchain.
  • State of security in web3.
  • Fresh perspective on energy consumption by blockchain.
  • What sets Notoros ecosystem apart from traditional blockchain databases.
  • Web3 and energy tech as it stands today.

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