#9 Web3 Founders under the Spotlight w/ Tony Drummond

Oct 28, 2022

🎙️ Today, Michael & Emery talks with our special guest, Tony Drummond. Tony is a Founder & President at Moonbound Consulting. Prior to his current venture, Tony co-founded and grew MicroPets from $550K to over $200MM in three short weeks, a nearly 400X return. He joined InfluX to leverage his experience and position InfluX as a premier market leader in the space. Tony brings a deep network within the crypto space, paired with a very diverse 20-year business career.

From concept development to community outreach, Tony’s startup efforts were as much about building a structurally-sound foundation as they were about scaling. In the end, MicroPets attracted nearly 70K investors, many of whom remain long-term holders.

Inspired to help new and established startup founders, Tony went on to found Moonbound Consulting as an extension of his hands-on crypto experience and consulting background. With an in-depth understanding of Web3 as well as the tenets behind success as a founder, Tony bridges the gap between ideas and meaningful action for his clients. 

In this episode, Tony puts a spotlight on his secrets to avoid common pitfalls web3 founders could very well find themselves in. 

🎯 Topics covered in this episode:

  • Tony's exposure to blockchain and his professional background.
  • How Tony is making waves in web3 space.
  • How not to kill your web3 project before starting it!
  • How web3 founders should position their venture.
  • Are web3 founders in this space for a quick buck or to make waves?
  • Tony's war story on his first web3 venture which scaled exponentially!
  • Secret to building a fun community where members keep coming back.
  • Emphasizing on diversifying your knowledge base to move much faster in the space.

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